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Some portions are still inder construction, please be patient with broken links, and the like.
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1968 Longhorns
Despite what most literature will say, the first Longhorn was made in March of '68.
1902 3/4 tons were made, while only 215 one tons came off the assembly lines that year, making '68 a low production year, and the most sought of all Longhorns.
1969 Longhorns
1969 was the highest in sales on the Longhorn truck. 8797 3/4 tons, and 2457 one tons were built in the '69 model year.
1970 Longhorns
'70 only had minor chainges. Only the inner grill, and options were chainged.
In 1970, there were 5281 3/4 tons, and 1404 one tons were built.
1971 Longhorn
In '71, there were 3331 C/20's, and only 1479 C/0 Longhorns produced...

1972 Longhorns
In 72, Chevy produced 3328 3/4 ton and 2450 One ton longhorns...
1968 50th Anniversary trucks
Look at this collection of 50th anniversary trucks.
Some real nice rigs in here.

Rare and odd trucks.
These are trucks either built by G.M., or for G.M. that you just don't see everyday in traffic.
My '70 CST/20 Longhorn
This is the one that started it all for me. Be begining of an addiction.
Also links to the death of my prised possesion.

My latest obsession
This is my latest addition to the family. The story includes a road trip, meeting interesting people, more Mountian Dew than I can count, and one Ohio Patrolman.
I'll have to tell you the story sometime.

The G.M.C. Longhorns
Becouse the G.M.C. version never came with the Loghorn badges, many will say it is not a real Longhorn. However, in this author's opinion, it is equipped the same way and has the exact same features, so I will refer to them as Longhorn trucks.