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1971 introduced a few new things to the G.M. trucks.
The best thing they ever did on the truck line started in '71. For the first time, disk brakes were not only available, but standard on all C/10 to C/30, and also on the K series too.
On the outside, there was another face lift, mostly consisting of a new grill commonly called an egg crate grill.
Also new for'71, was the Cheyenne. This top of the line package replaced the CST, and is the truck most collectors seek.
In 1971, the production numbers for a 3/4 ton Longhorn are down to 3331, while there were only 1479 one ton Longhorns sold.

Not much is known about this ride...
It looks like it is a Cheyenne, and it has the optional storage box on the side of the bed.
I am unble to tell if this truck is a beater, or just needing all the salt and road grime washed off.
This was sent in to me from a reader in '99, however, all the sender said was he found it elsewhere on the web.

Another fine truck from Rustfree Classics
Another very nice western example provided by the online classic truck dealer...Rustfree Classics.com. "Bringing the "Best of the West" to the Midwest"
This '71 was loaded to the gills with all kinds of options, but more importantly, it is in great shape. The color looks kinda funny and repusive at first, however, the more you look at it, the better it looks. Original hubcaps are still there, and the whole truck was just as clean as this one shot.
Very impressive ride.
Todd from Hawaii
This truck is truley loaded, and has the options collectore search for.
Some of these options include 402 big block, TH400 tranny, A/C, tachometer, tilt,bed side storage box, and many more.
Last I heard from Todd, this ride was ready for paint, with all add ons removed, and the holes welded up.
'71 customized Longhorn duallie
Here is a very nice looking custom I found on the net myself. I discovered this before I was trying to build a site, so I didn't keep any info.
I do know the owner had the job done right. It had a 5th wheel, awsome wood in the bed, and obviously, the axle and suspension transplant. The rear fenders apear to be off of a late model ('90's) chevy, but I am not 100% sure.
C/30 4X4 Longhorn
This looks to be original, but that is imposable. G.M. never made a 4X4 longhorn, nor a one ton 4X4...not back then anyways.
Even so, it is a rather nice phantom of one.
One Ton Cheyenne Super
This one ton Cheyenne Super was noticed in California if memory serves. It has the Custom Camper option package on top of the Cheyenne, making it one loaded truck.
Hawaii Longhorn
Another from the Aloha State. This fine truck is loaded with add ons on top of being a Cheyenne.
This is one truck that looks good with the visor. The running boards also compliment the longer trucks.
I have lost contact with the owner, but last I heard, he was talking of lowering it, and painting on the woodgrain trim instead of replacing it for ecinomic reasons.
71 Longhorn
Again, no info is known on this Longhorn, it was all lost.
All i remember, is it is a '71, and it was for sale at the time this shot was taken.
Longhorn on E-bay
Well known to collectors of anything, you can also find rare trucks on E-Bay.
This one was up for bidding in 2002, and sold first time around. It had a 350/350 combo, and was worked hard most of it's life.