1972...The last year of the Longhorns...
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As the best looking run of G.M. trucks was coming to an end, it was also the end of the Longhorn.

Dave's '72 longhorn.
Found in a barn with the original tires and everything, this beutiful truck only had 34,000 ORIGINAL miles on it.
Dave has upgraded a couple things for both form and function, but he retains every original piece so it can be converted to 100% stock.
Have you ever seen a 72 that still has the assembly line stickers on the brake drums? Dave has.

Another fine restored Longhorn
Yet another I have lost the information on though.
All I have is the owner's name...Bill.
Bill, if you are reading this, drop me another e-mail please...so can list some details on your ride.

A 72 off of E-bay
Typical 350/TH400 combo.
A good looking survivor.

A one ton out of the deserts of Cali..
Wearing original paint and showing no rust, this just proves that the south west part of the country is the best place to find clean old trucks.
This C/30 has the Custom Delux package, original paint, posi, and other nice options all on a 64,000 original mile truck powered by a 402/TH400.