My C/30 Longhorn
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And the saga continues...
A bunch or people I know got together and bought me this truck after hearing about the death of my last one. It was a real cheap truck, but none the less, I was unable to afford it, and the gesture is so great...I'm at a loss for words.
Being a cheap truck, I was not expectng much, and with it coming from PA, I was looking forward to a whole lot of rust. It turns out, in the rust department, this is the cleanest truck I have owned yet. (And both of my other trucks were from Kansas)

The original owner, after driving this thing for many years, rear-ended a shcool bus.If you look real hard, you'll notice the bumper was lightly damaged, and the frame was untouched.

While this truck seemed too good to be true, it does have some pad points, like this trashed bed. I got lucky and found a good bed in Michigan. Going to go get it this spring.

The person I bought this off of, replaced the front clip and the radiator. He has so many parts laying around, I don't think he even had to search for the sheet metal.

Here, you can see how it looked when I took delivery of it. Alot of work needs to go into this thing, but it is also, a fairly good starting point.

When the original owner forgot to put the green stuff in the radiator for the first freeze, he ended up cracking the block and having this Pontiac 350 and TH 350 Installed. It replaced the 350 and TH 400 that were original. Right now, there is a Caddy 425 big block and a TH350 sitting in there.

This was my first clue that this truck was used to haul a camper. When I looked under the truck, it had all been cut. So I plan on pulling it all out and disposing of it.

If I would have known what these 'L' brackets were, they would have been my first clue to the camper. They camper body bolted to them.

These clips on the side of the bed were also for securing the slide in camper.


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